Lopud or Middle Island is part of the Elaphiti Islands and is situated in the Dubrovnik – Neretva county on the south of Croatia in southern Dalmatia.
The name "Middle Island" derives from the Latin “Insula Media", in reference to its position between two other islands: Kalamota (Koločep) and Šipan.
It is a place of tranquillity and romance wrapped in the atmosphere of the past. There are no cars on the island (only golf carts), there is no noise, stress or other signs of that characterize daily life in cities.
It's a world outside of time, where life flows with the rhythms and gestures that seem unchanging over time. It is a world where children are more interested in chasing each other on village squares than in electronic games; and where the elderly prefer to enjoy the fresh evenings chatting on benches by the sea to dozing in front of the television. For those who think that this world is now gone, to find it, still almost intact, is a great relief.
Even the ship (Postira), which links the island several times a day with the mainland, and emits a muffled sound when it enters port , turns slowly in harmony with the rhythms of the place.
Industrial fishing isn't present here. At early dawn the local fisherman return with their small boats, followed by few seagulls hoping to find an easy meal. If the fish exceeds the demand, the excess is trading exchange with neighbours. If the net returns empty... no matter... tomorrow will be better. Either way after fishing follows the daily ritual „briškula“ or „treseta“ traditional card games at the local fisherman bar.

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